Friday, August 12, 2016

Unreal C++

This weekend's objective:

Create 2 c++ classes and expose them to blueprint. This may turn out to be nastier than I expect since I need to brush off my c++ coding skills and install a c++ editor.

TMap wrapper
It boggles my mind that Unreal doesn't support maps/hashes natively. Any language worth its salt has this.

In case you don't program much, these are the core containers that need supported:
array/list (a list of objects in order. A list is usually a wrapper around an array automatically managing size)
map/hash (using a key you can get an object back)
set (unique container of objects. I can limp along without this but it is handy)

Environment maintenance
I will be procedurally constructing everything. I need a class that will manage this that I can expose to blueprints. Example: As the player moves, this class will update the environment. Environment construction relies on a seed for randomly generating everything. It also relies on a variety of performance settings. This will not only control object/landscape/actor spawn/de-spawn but perimeter effects such as fog. It will have a variety of other tasks I will implement later as things progress

This is pretty close to where I want to begin with environment creation:

I will start with something brain-dead simple like this:

When I have something working I will post a screen shot of it.

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