Monday, August 1, 2016

Distance and VR

Distance and VR.

I played 15 minutes of "Call of the Starseed" yesterday for the first time.

I am immune to immersion in VR. I've spent way too many hours within VR for it to emotionally affect me. Because of this I immediately look for drawbacks in design.

I think this title, along with others, suffers from scale. I can see how far out the stars are and I feel enclosed within a large bubble. This may be done for performance reasons but it makes me feel like I am not in a world but on a stage.

Having an unending horizon is very important to me and I will be making it a high priority. I would rather the edge of perception be clouded/misty than give the feel that I am in a sphere.

One of my favorite games that deals with horizon and is amazing efficient is Blades of Brim by Sybo games.

I don't know how they do it but that game is amazing on an ipad. It even has portals! It is damn slick and an inspiration for me.

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