Friday, August 26, 2016

c++ and Unreal

c++ and Unreal

This has been taking a lot longer than I expected.

First I took a break and played No Mans Sky. I sunk a week and a half into that game. Then I found out what the ending was. There is no ending! That was the last straw. I went back and watched early trailers, footage and interviews with Sean Murray. That guy is a big fat liar. It is crazy. When someone would ask him if something was in the game he would always say yes. He would even say things that were clearly not in the game. I played the PS4 version. I has also preordered the limited edition for PC from 8-bit. I am unable to return it even though they haven't shipped it to me!


I promise you this. I will never misrepresent anything in my game development. I will tell you exactly where I stand. If you can't start from an honest position, you've got nowhere to go. Vaporware is one thing, but telling people something is there when it clearly isn't is disrespectful.

OK, so I digress... why has it been taking so long to get started...

First I needed to install visual studio and brush up on c++.

Then I watched a horrible youtube video series on Unreal and c++ wasting hours of my time. I did learn how to output to the log from with c++ and monitor the unreal log, so I guess that is something...

Now I am watching a series that is much more informative and practical:

This is how it goes with any development. There is an incubation period where you are learning. Once I push through this I can start implementing my vision.

The ironic thing is I have already psuedo coded the classes for my world generation. I just need to implement them in c++, hook it into unreal, see where the performance bottlenecks are and I'll be off an running. So hopefully in the next few weeks I will see some results for all my slogging through retraining in blender, Unreal and c++.

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