Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Subtance : Baking & High/Low Poly Models

Substance Training continued...

My blender mesh is getting better for workflow through Substance Designer.

I wanted to play around with baking a High Poly mesh onto a Low Poly mesh. I think this is a great technique. The result is a normal/bump map.

Step 1 : creating the high poly model
I realize creating a high poly from a low poly is backwards but I gotta start somewhere...
I subdivided my pottery several times and rescaled segments of it to create horizontal and vertical ridges:

high & low polygon versions

Step 2 : baking
I then linked both polys (obj files) in Substance designer and baked the high poly model onto the low poly model. The result was a normal map
baking high onto low poly


Now to mix all this together in a master material with the plaster and metal materials scaled appropriately:

I added transform nodes to the plaster and metal materials to scale them down so it looked right on the pottery.
plaster material

metal material

In the master material I combined the plaster and metal materials using the UV-SVG mask. I assigned red to the plaster and green to the metal. I then added the high -> low normal bake to the combined normal.

master material

master material applied to mesh

I realize it isn't sexy looking yet but it is using 2 materials combined into one via a mask and using a high -> low normal bake. I'm digging it.

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