Monday, July 7, 2014

Pottery UV Mapping

A couple of things about this object:
1. It is broken into 7 separate meshes (pot, 2 rings, 4 legs)
2. I like to have individual seamless textures I can reuse on many objects. I then stretch the UV mapping onto each texture based on the level of detail I want.

Pottery UV Mapping

 leg (simple stretched UV map)

 pottery (cylinder projection + top/bottom done by hand)

ring (simple stretched UV map for sides + project from view for top/bot of rings)

Seamless textures (handmade in Photoshop from cgtexture images)

cracked plaster

black metal

I am posting this blog entry on the Allegorithmic forums to get advice on how to properly UV map & adjust this mesh for use in Substance products. I am particularly confused by "Vertex Color Maps".


I played around with my mesh this afternoon and I figured out how to UV map my mesh so that Substance Designer was happy with it. This is probably industry standard stuff but since I've had no training I'm bound to do stuff incorrectly.

I deleted everything except 1 leg and the pot to keep things simple.

I adjusted both UV maps to fit within the UV bounds and not overlap:



UV to SVG withing Substance Designer

I am baking with the obj export and it is losing the bottom portions of my pot mesh. It may be because it is a circle versus a bunch of triangles. I'll rebuild the bottom and see what happens.

You can see the 2 UV maps are melded in the single SVG bake.

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