Saturday, July 12, 2014

Substance issue

Substance Designer Export to UE4

Today I tried to import an sbsar file with multiple substance materials and linked images. That did not look right in UE4. I think I need to link images to the substance within UE4.

So... I started over with a substance material with no bitmaps.

here is the material:

My first goal is to get the material working in UE4 with exposed parameters. I exposed the color parameter of the Uniform color in the upper left hand corner.

On the main graph here is the input parameter:

Here is the substance in UE4:

The material looks good but I can't customize it.

That color parameter should show up but it isn't there. None of the parms from my original complex material showed up either.

I'm new to substance designer so I may be overlooking something...

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