Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Demo of the game to a 6th grade class

I gave a presentation and an Oculus Rift demo to my daughter's 6th grade class today. I talked about how I built the game using photoshop, blender and UDK and fielded a variety of questions.

I showed them the areas of the game (below) and they chose the Trantor area to explore.

All of them were very excited to try it and nobody was affected by running fast or jumping high which was a great.

I will be returning to do a blender tutorial with them and a follow up at the end of the year so they can see what they build in the Oculus Rift.

I am continually amazed that kids rarely get VR sickness from using the Rift (at least to everyone I've shown it to). This is not the case with adults

One of the kids later told my daughter that they were going to have their parents buy an oculus just so they could play my game all day. That was very nice.

Areas of the game they had to pick from:




the stacks

matrix maze

lots of cubes

transparent stacks

trantor <-- they picked this area


the end

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