Monday, May 26, 2014

Ready Player One "The Stacks" game download available

After a year and over 2000 hours of development “The Stacks” is ready to play.

The install is 637 MB (668,174,578 bytes)

Game Trailer:

Exactly what is the stacks? 

The Stacks game is an homage to VR and science fiction movies. It is composed of 8 areas linked together through a hub:





1000s OF CUBES





What is the goal?
You need to collect 90 QR cubes. Cubes are found in all areas except the end. Some are easy to find while others may take a bit of searching. I have tried to help you out in 3 ways:
1. When you approach a cube it will play a sound-loop. 
2. Each collected cube will display on the wall in the VR room entry way. 
3. When you collect all the cubes in an area, the game will play a success sound. A color mural of the area will also display in the VR entry way. 

Finding the way out of a level
On Trantor and Space, if you fall through space at the bottom you will be teleported close to the entrance/warp. You can't die in this game so don't be afraid to fall off edges.

What about secrets?
In keeping with “Ready Player One” there are 3 keys and an egg which unlocks a special ending. The copper key is particularly well hidden but if you've read "Ready Player One" you should be able to puzzle out how to find it.

A bonus for early players:
The first person to unlock the special ending will be included in the end credits of the game that I will submit to Oculus. For proof, email me ( a screenshot of each key, the egg, the special ending and an explanation of how you reached the copper key (I am trying to prevent cheaters). Then tell me what name/moniker you want included in the end credits. The moniker/name needs to be clean/kid-friendly (ie: not “big wang 69”).

Update: 5/28:
We have a winner: RiftingFlotsam has found the egg. I will add his moniker into the end credits of the game.

Bugs & Issues:
It's just me building & testing this thing. I imagine there are issues in the dark recesses of the game. If you find one, drop me a note telling me how to reproduce it.

A note about the New & Intro:
1. The New area at the entrance of the hub will reset your game putting you back in the intro. Don't do it! :) I will work on making this clearer in the final version submitted to Oculus.
2. The "INTRO" warp room in the first area will take you back to the start of the game (keeping your cubes in tact). So if you don't want to do that again don't go there... but there may a few things to collect there...

If you don't have an Oculus Rift, you can still play the game:
You need to make a simple adjustment to a configuration file:
Edit C:\UDK\The Stacks\UDKGame\Config\UDKEngine.ini

look for:

change :

Final Note:
I did a complete play through of the game to make sure you can collect all cubes, keys and egg. The Trantor loading board blew up on me and I had to restart the game. I think that was a strange non-repeatable issue because it was fine after restart. I also had to disable the flashlight because it was spewing out log errors slowing down the game performance. I didn't want to hold back the game because of the flashlight. I will fix that before releasing to Oculus because it makes parts of the game unusually hard. Besides that, everything went smooth.

I don't know if google drive has download limits. Dropbox did and locked me out once. If this download gets pulled, message me here or on reddit ( and I'll put it somewhere else.


Full Game Unlock Here:


Issues to be fixed in the UE4 Port:


  1. Can you send some OSX love this way?

    1. I tried a mac build but the output is weird. I think I have to hand craft a mac install and I don't have a mac to test it on. I will be porting it to UE4. When that is done I will look into an osx version.

  2. Is there any way to play it without using a rift? I don't own one but I'd like to try the demo but I can only see a coloured tiny spot right in the center of my screen.

    1. I added instructions on how to do this above. It is really easy. I just verified it works.

    2. The instructions worked for me.

  3. please will you release an update for DK2 support

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  5. FYI this is REALLY hard with a touchpad. I need to go home and try it with an actual mouse.

  6. Exactly what is ...

  7. Replies
    1. No. DK1 only. You can play it with DK2 but you can't look up or down. I will likely make a variant of it for HDC Vive in a year or so once time frees up.

  8. How do I start the game? I unchecked the box that said "launch the stacks." I needed to so I could make it would work without the Oculus. I know its a dumb question, but I need to know!

  9. Hey Foreman, would this game work on HTC vive with controllers? I have revive installed but I did not see your game neither in steam or oculus store (sell it for £££). I would buy it. You should put it there. Would love to try it out. Besides as you know Stephen Spielberg is directing Ready Player One movie which will be released in 2018 Q1. The buzz for this title will shoot up.

    1. Too much copyrighted stuff in it to sell. I am working on a new HTC Vive title, but that is years away. I could implement the stacks in my new UE4 framework as a free demo. We'll see how that goes...