Thursday, May 22, 2014

Polishing Game Elements

I did a play through of my game 2 nights ago and took notes on what was boring, too difficult or caused too much neck strain.

It is painful to have to revisit stuff but I don't want a game I wouldn't enjoy playing or put down in frustration.

Some changes I made:
1. I added sound around each QR cube you need to collect as a hint you are in the vicinity.
2. I added status tracking on the 2 boards with the most QR cubes
3. I rebuilt my space/cubes board to ease entry, added an element of surprise and 5 rotating rooms.

Here is what the cubes board looks like now:

Abandon all lunch ye who enter that eye.

And, if you are wondering what is taking so long...

My current punch list for finishing the game:

[ ] add catches & barriers in all boards
[ ] disable intro fan volume once top reached until reaching bottom again
[ ] build a special mesh in blender for cubes area blocking
[ ] change intro orientation
[ ] remove the momentary blue flash at start of game (use sphere)
[ ] update cube count upon collection (hub/stacks/trantor)
[ ] lock up credits end
[ ] hide/show "fade column" (currently visible in stacks)
[ ] add better instructions to intro
[ ] remove second text from intro

At this point I need to produce a working build for Ernest Cline (due this Saturday)

Need Fixed:
[ ] bullet proof intro final audio logic
[ ] animate moon logo
[ ] fade out music on all boards when leaving
[ ] kill velocity coming into boards from loading boards
[ ] fix loading eye lighting (if even possible)
[ ] fix foundation art year
[ ] add lamp A
[ ] hide/show crane cubes with crane
[ ] update locks to match door locks
[ ] "hide/show" elements instructions (stacks)
[ ] improve new : sphere & jump you to start again
[ ] restrict player on initial load screen

Nice to have:
[ ] rebuild egg mesh
[ ] add moon face animation
[ ] disable stacks run/jump until top reached

When these are done I will probably have more but that is my complete outstanding list. No new boards, just a bunch of grunt work.

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