Thursday, May 8, 2014

2001 meets Close Encounters

At the end of the credits I wanted you to walk through a door and fall onto a landscape through clouds.

It quickly became apparent that, as usual, my appetite for design outstripped UDK's capabilities. There was no way it was going to render properly and I would have had to deal with enabling fog and dominant lighting on the fly.

Then I had the idea of moving the landscape into my credits area instead of having it outside. With a bit of adjustments this was the result:

I realize it is a super plain landscape but it coveys the idea I wanted. I could screw around with this landscape for a week with a fancy material but sometimes simple is better.

Adding this landscape took the lighting build time from 8 minutes to 50 minutes. I think it is because of log output. I need to try rebuilding lighting without the log window enabled.

Looking good:

The credits level is almost done. Took about 2 weeks.

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