Saturday, May 17, 2014

Camtasia : User beware

I started playing around with cutting my own trailer yesterday evening. Since Camtasia did such a great job capturing video I thought I try using it to build my trailer.

That is when I ran into a variety of issues:
1. It can't use its own mp4 file to produce another video. Seriously? The only way I can produce a final mp4 of my video is to preview it in camtasia and capture the preview using camtasia. I was actually ok with that. Not an optimal solution but I could work with it.
2. I am now getting "unsupported audio stream" on some of the files that work just fine if re-imported into a new project. This causes camtasia to crash. The only way around it is to move the camtasia captures out of the way, open the project and reimport them. Even then the project is very unstable.

My project only has about a dozen videos and a couple of audio streams. I'm not talking about some crazy project.

Fortunately I had cut an mp4 video of the first half of trailer before camtasia fell apart on me so at least I have a reference. I need to find another program and rebuild it from scratch. Thank you Camtasia for that.

So... Camtasia is great for capturing a video and saving it. I would not recommend doing anything of substance in it.

Here is someone else who had the same issue:

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