Thursday, August 17, 2017

Vive Teleport in C++ : Wrap Up

Vive Teleport in C++ : Wrap Up

I've finished the visual piece of the teleport. Here is a combined screen shot of failure and success:

Notice how the red teleport circle matches the normal of the plane it hits.

It is snappy, completely in C++ and does not rely on the overhead of the navigational mesh that comes with the Unreal example. It only relies on the teleport meshes I have on the screen.

My goal is to match the gold standard that is Valve's VR Room. That is the level of polish I want for my game. It looks simple and feels natural.

Hats off to Valve for pushing VR tech forward so that we can have a holodeck for the home.

Next is to actually teleport and polish my world generation logic.

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