Monday, August 21, 2017

Missing UPROPERTY woes

Missing UPROPERTY woes

Over the last few days I have rewritten my world coordinate system. This was no small task affecting everything in a profound way.

I was testing it and Unreal blew up with a memory allocation issue. I had no idea what was going on but running out of memory this early in development is very frightening. I tried it again and eventually it blew up again in a different location with a memory allocation issues.

I did 2 memory dumps, one when it started and one after moving around a while and saw nothing unusual.

Then I decided to review all my code for missing UPROPERTY. UPROPERTY is a pre-compilation macro that tells Unreal that it needs to manage the variable in memory versus destroying it on a whim.

I found 2 missing UPROPERTY variables.

Once I fixed those everything was fine again.

That is very scary. I need to have a strategy of isolating all member variables for a class at the top of the header file and review them occasionally to ensure every one of them is a UPROPERTY.

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