Sunday, February 2, 2014

Matrix Material Completed

This weekend I tasked myself with replicating the Matrix look & feel. I pretty much did little else but think and work on this saturday & sunday.

It is different from other versions I've seen because the letters stick in place (like they should) instead of panning . The appropriate letters highlight, existing letters change values and it can take lighting. If it is transparent light rays even come thru the letters. There is a lot of black magic going on here. It also includes a height map to give its layers depth

You will find this inside a bonus area of my upcoming Oculus Rift demo "The Stacks"

This is with transparent turned on.

Testing it out with some quick modeled floor and columns:

Props go out to Jeremy Blouir for setting me along the right path. My solution is very different but it uses some of his ideas.

Update: Here is an animated gif of the texture in action. The lighting is a bit dark but I gotta go to work in a moment so it'll have to do...


  1. Awesome - I'd love to see this as a Unity prefab. I'd pay much money to be able to use this in my Unity VR projects.

  2. Love to see your solution for this. Thinking of doing a matrix room in JanusVR.

    1. The trick is that nothing moves with the matrix letters. Watch the original movie closely. Stuff is simply blocked out and some characters alternate but no letters are moving.

  3. OMG! this is the best was to start up the Vive hands down!
    thanks guys ^-^

  4. ... where will I be able to download this?