Sunday, February 2, 2014

Matrix Material Completed

This weekend I tasked myself with replicating the Matrix look & feel. I pretty much did little else but think and work on this saturday & sunday.

It is different from other versions I've seen because the letters stick in place (like they should) instead of panning . The appropriate letters highlight, existing letters change values and it can take lighting. If it is transparent light rays even come thru the letters. There is a lot of black magic going on here. It also includes a height map to give its layers depth

You will find this inside a bonus area of my upcoming Oculus Rift demo "The Stacks"

This is with transparent turned on.

Testing it out with some quick modeled floor and columns:

Props go out to Jeremy Blouir for setting me along the right path. My solution is very different but it uses some of his ideas.

Update: Here is an animated gif of the texture in action. The lighting is a bit dark but I gotta go to work in a moment so it'll have to do...

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  1. Awesome - I'd love to see this as a Unity prefab. I'd pay much money to be able to use this in my Unity VR projects.