Saturday, September 2, 2017

Automatic Quality Adjustment

Automatic Quality Adjustment

Everything in my game is dynamically added as the player moves around the world. I've been thinking about how to automatically improve FPS (Frames Per Second) by adding logic to the game mode tick.

I did that today and it works amazingly well. The game now monitors FPS and if it dips below 80, it slowly reduces game quality settings until it is at least 80 FPS. I also have it automatically improve quality if FPS goes above 85.

I teleported around the world for several minutes and there was no stutter. It was interesting to see what settings the game settled on versus what I thought was acceptable. It was much lower but my FPS stabilized at 85. I know 85 is below the recommended 90, but 85 looks fine to me.

This means the game will automatically adjust itself based on the player's graphics card without them having to adjust any settings.

Next I will rewrite my foliage logic and see what quality settings the games adjusts itself to. I expect it to get better.

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