Monday, August 25, 2014

XBMC + Steam + DK2 + wireless XBOX Controller

The first thing I need to do as a VR enthusiast is get everything set up correctly in my living room. I can use the DK2 on my gaming rig but I want to try it out in a more casual setting.

After a bit of thought I have decided to build my own windows 8 steam box. I love the idea of Steam OS but not everything plays on it and I want a Steam console in my living room today, not several years from now.

Eventually Valve will release their steam controller which should complete the picture but this is a step in the right direction.

I have ordered the parts for the machine and will put it together in a few weeks. I went with part selections (mostly) from this website:

Some of the parts were out-dated but I like his picks. The idea is to have as silent a set up as possible. My current HTPC is not quiet and it is annoying.

When I start assembly I will update this page with photos and any snags I run into.


Update #1: 8/26/2014

I wanted to buy a simple, reliable RF remote with keyboard. I found the PERFECT remote:
The Boxee Box Remote for PC

Unfortunately, it is no longer available. wtf? This thing looks amazing, it has just what you need and it was RF. I haven't seen anything come close to it:

 I can not find this thing anywhere... and I looked a lot...

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