Friday, August 1, 2014

Stacks Hub Building Construction : Part II

Today I cut out the windows with the boolean feature of blender.

Man I hate that thing but sometimes it is the lesser of 2 evils. It made a total mess out of the mesh. It took me over an hour to fix faces and vertexes. Here is the result:

Added some window detail.

I added the chimney, ridges along the roof and headers to some of the windows:

I slid the chimney down to be along the the right exterior wall, removed the circular window from the right exterior wall, added a floor and interior wall for the top floor and welded the chimney onto the roof. I hid a few faces so you could see the interior.

I spent a few hours improving the arched windows to extend properly into the room. These arched windows are a total pain in the a$$.

I found this reference image for how to deal with them on the inside:

Here is the result:

Ignore the crappy texture mapping. That was me trying to figure out how to show inverted normals. It turns out there is a "backface culling" check box I somehow unchecked.

I fixed the fireplace interior, added a door to the right side for the second patio and added more detail to the lower windows.

I added a railing and window panes this morning

I added the upper windows, the lower "garden level" window and door headers. The interior of the first floor was messed up so I had to fix that too...

It's starting to feel like a real building. Still lots to add...

I improved the right entrance and added hand rails to the left entrance:

I started work on the right balcony. It is lower than the left one so I added a few step down onto it. Since I'm also working on a "perfect" version of the building I opted for wood planks versus haphazard sections of wood for the railing.

I added more to the right balcony.

I worked on the awning a bit this afternoon. It looks a bit weird because normal back-sides are not being rendered.

I added the table and barrels and took it into UE4:

Objects on table complete. Getting close...

I decided to enhance the detail of the light to make it a paper lantern:

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