Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Porting from UDK3 to UE4

Porting from UDK3 to UE4

I am going to detail everything I will go through porting from UDK3 to UE4.

I have many textures, complex materials, complex kismet & matinee orchestrations and a master level with over a dozen child levels. If there is a problem I am probably going to encounter it. I imagine this will take weeks to sort through.

Installation Directory:
I wanted to keep things consistent


Before I press "Fix Now" and UE4 start mucking with stuff I'm backing everything up:
maps, packages, custom code and configuration files. Clicking "Fix Now" didn't seem to do anything. I had to close down the install and reopen the executable "Unreal Engine". This presented me with an install button on the left.

Yea... This is totally going to suck:
The game has to be rebuilt.

Here is my discussion thread on the UE forums:

I was pointed to these pages:

Install underway
This may take a while

First Impression
My first impression with UE4 are: wow! I wish this was available a year ago. I feel like I am starting over again. I know how to build 3d objects, what uv and light mapping is, how to build materials and orchestrate animations but this has a lot different (and better approach). Keeping the blueprint and c++ examples in sync was a brilliant idea.

There are a ton of videos here I need to start watching:

Playing all the demos
These things give me a headache. Three things cause this:
1. They have changed the inter oculur distance. The old default was perfect. This feels wrong
2. There is a blur as you approach object causing them to lose their 3d look until you stop
3. The framerate on all of the demos was bad

I have a really high-end machine. I think UE4 may cause me to have to reduce the size of maps significantly.

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