Monday, June 9, 2014

Hourences & UE4 Tutorials

I watched a lot of UE4 tutorial videos this weekend. I don't want to start work on my Tuscany UE4 port until I've absorbed all the information I can about UE4.

There is some weird new stuff with materials using masks. I don't understand it yet but the videos discussing the Infiltrator talked about it:

I was particularly impressed with Hourences videos. The environment materials, mesh construction workflow and kismet were insanely cool. Materials that always have grass on top regardless of rotation. Materials that adjust color based on water level. Elements that change appearance based on temperature and humidity. I was humbled. It made all my work with the Stacks look like child's play (which it was).

You can download his stripped down Solas project here:

Here is the game website:

Here are his videos:

I never have a ton of time to dedicate to this but I am going to dissect that project and take notes.

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