Monday, March 17, 2014

Video Preview of the "The Stacks"

I've been working as fast as I can to complete my Oculus Rift Demo. I only have weekends and evening hours to work on it.

It is amazing all the effort that goes into making a game. I've learned so much since last June when I got the Rift. My goal is to complete this thing by May.

Here is video preview of the hub area with many of the link areas filled in. It shows off the Matrix material in action and many of the sounds/music used throughout the game.

I'm saving the game maps for the release but this gives you a feel for how each of the boards look.

This hub has been a lot of fun to build.

The video is unedited and shows me unable to jump on my own blocks :) doh!

You do run fast though as you will see...

Here are screen shots of each transport entrance:



matrix digital rain



last holodeck area

You can download an older version of the hub from the Oculus share site here:

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