Wednesday, April 13, 2016

HTC Vive Development

I got the HTC Vive last week.

I must say, it is everything they hyped it to be. Very immersive and there is no substitute for room-scale experiences in VR. Oculus has made a huge blunder not understanding this and designing for it from the get-go.


There are some cool experiences in the Steam store but I want more.

I am going to shift gears and use a different toolset for development. I would have loved to learn Source 2 but that is still not available. Valve has used Unity and has been happy with it so I am going to learn Unity.

I also experienced a lot of challenges with Blender in the past. It is a great tool but it requires a bit more effort for game development than 3DS Max.

I am going to spend this summer learning those two tools. 3DS Max comes with a hefty month fee (around $200/month). I am going to watch some videos on it first before forking out that kind of money.

I already have a game in mind. I've been thinking about it for a year or so. I want the hub of the game to be a flying house with a trophy room. My first goal will to be to build something like this:

That is what I want to experience in VR, so I'm going to build it. Not Howl's Flying Castle per-se, but something in this vein where you have a house on a flying platform with trees and grass on the patio.

I want to have clouds flying past and birds perching on the platform. I want to look over the railing and see a landscape slowly passing by below.

These images all capture the feel I am going for:

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