Sunday, April 20, 2014

Welcome to Trantor

Welcome to Trantor

I thought I was done building stuff but I can't just use the starting sequence for Trantor. I built a new complex cube mesh today and are seeing how far I can push UDK in terms of scale. It's coming along nicely...

Another shot as I'm building it. It is epically large. If I can squeeze this under 300MB with lighting it will be amazing to explore.

It clocks in at 242MB with 256 lightmap size. Perfect! Great to walk around it. Now to hook it into my game so I can use super run/jump in it.

This map is huge. Let me put it in context of the size of the stacks (and the stacks are huge):

I never been in a map that has felt this immense. 
I will be adding flying platforms to help you get around.

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