Monday, July 8, 2013

Blender & UDK continued

July 8th, 2013

Making sure your blender objects are the right scale is important if you intend to export them to UDK (or any engine). I've seen the following 2 setups:

Metric : 1 meter per grid square:
lines 16
scale 50 (a cube of 50 theoretically exports to 1 meter in UDK)
subdivision 10 (metric is all about divisions of 10)

Imperial : 1 foot per grid square:
lines 16
scale 16 (a cube of 16 theoretically exports to 1 foot in UDK)
subdivision 12 (12 inches per foot)

My observations:
1. a cube of 16 does not appear to be big enough for a foot. I think 22 is closer.
2. Blender builds its grid and snap-to-grid in multiples of 2. If you want your object to snap nicely inside UDK, it will need to be a multiple of 2. 16 works well & 50 does not.
3. these settings are done in the properties panel for the 3d view. while in the 3d view, press n and go to the "display" section.

I am going to go with a scale of 16 for now. I will see how that plays out over time.

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